It is common knowledge that 95% of the 120,000 California Prisoners will be released back into our communities (some soon, some later). All of us have been impacted by violent crime in our lifetimes, (a family member, friend, acquaintance, neighbor or co-worker).

99% of the public has no clue that California Prisons are now Criminogenic (they create criminals who upon release would not have otherwise continued criminal conduct). To support this claim (also supported by many professional criminologists) please review the below list of Music CD titles page and make your own analysis. Racist, Sexist and Violent Music CD titles are allowed to be purchased, possessed and listened to by California Prisoners on their own approved Flat Screen High Definition Computer Televisions ‘FSCTs’, with built in CD Player.

Catalog # Artist Album/Song Title Reference Price
OARF40642 Lil Keye Peep in my Window
Cash1500202 Lil Wayne I am not a Human Being Explicit 12.97
HSPE 1908 Little Bruce XXX Classics
YBB2022 Mac Mall illegal Business? Explicit 17.75
BTAX305 MadChild Dope Sick Digi Pak 15.75
DDMR2145 Marco Polo &
Ruste Juxx
DVNL 76770 Masta Ace Slaughtahouse Explicit 11.97
PNQT7116 Messy Mary Millionaire Gangsta Explicit 12.97
CCK2212 Messy Mary Shooting Range Part 5 Explicit 12.97
VSMT1001 Momenumb Mafia Mafia Life
Hipt2183 Mr. Criminal Criminal Mentality 2 Explicit 19.75
Hipt2151 Mr. Criminal Death Before Dishonor Explicit 19.75
EOMZ2187 Mr. Criminal Presents Gang Bang Symphonies
DRAP 1105 Mr. Mike Wicked Ways Explicit-Remastered 14.75
DRAP 2205 Mr. Mike Wicked Ways-Chopped & Explicit-Screwed ver. 14.75
PYSC 15 Necro Brutality Part 1 Explicit 17.25
PYSC 66 Necro Murder Murder Kill Kill Explicit 14.75
DWSH40 Nine Killing Angeles
DDAM Pastor Troy Last Outlaw
EMYS 10003 Paz, Vinnie Season of the Assassin Explicit 17.75
1100071193 Big Tymers Dirty D-Boy Explicit 18.99
1100002299 Big Tymers Gangsta Girl
1100771223 Big Tymers Nigga Couldn’t Know Explicit 18.99
1102268202 Birdman Big Pimpin Screwed &
1101123393 Birdman Cash Money Niggaz
1102454601 Birdman Ghetto Life Screwed & Explicit 18.99
1100789510 Birdman Love My Hood

All these racist, sexist and violent music titles and more are allowed to be accessed 24 hours a day while at the same time CDCR and its CCPOA (guards trade union) disallow and obstruct an inmate’s FSCT functionality so that inmates cannot use free digital educational tools or learn how to Type, Spell, Write, Edit, Use a Mouse, Operate a Word Processor or to study math so an inmate can learn to use a spreadsheet. CDCR and CCPOA will not allow DVD functionally enabled so that inmates (and their families) who wish to educate themselves can be provided with Academic, Career Technical and College digital education courses via DVD (in most cases for free). Below is just a small sampling of College Courses that can be made available (free on DVD) to inmates without providing Internet Access or E-Mail Access, (TechQuest Project does not support nor advocate for inmate internet access as it is a legitimate security concern).


University Name Course Title Course Instructor Price
Stanford University Introduction to Logic Michael Genesereth Free
Stanford University Democratic Development Larry Diamond Free
Stanford University Social and Economic Networks Matthew O. Jackson Free
Ohio State Univ. The Science Behind Prescription Drug Abuse Nicole Cartwrite Free
Univ. of Virginia Design Thinking for Business Innovation Jenne M. Liedtka Free
Duke University Introduction to Genetics & Evolution Mohamed Noor Free
Univ. of Edinburgh Artificial Intelligence Planning Gerhard Wickler Free
Univ. of Wisconsin at Madison Globalizing Higher Education & Research for the Knowledge Economy Kris Olds & Susan L. Robertson Free

KAHN Academy and many Universities will make available many Middle and High School Academic and Career Technical Training courses available via DVD. Kahn Academy is currently a correctional education supplier of academic digital courses but they are restricted and limited, inmates do not have 24 hour access to these high quality programs.

DID YOU KNOW that California Inmates have had personal and full possession rights to own and use Flat Screen Computer Televisions (FSCTs) for over 3 years? These FSCTs can play racist, sexist and violent music CD’s but not Academic or Career Technical Training Educational DVDs. Academic and Career Technical Training educational classes are available on DVD for free by many Universities and digital educators, Coursera, EdX, and Kahn Academy. Why should I help?

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