• NCRC’s TECHQUEST PROJECT ADVANCES AND PROMOTES academic excellence and teaching success for today’s Incarcerated students through accessible, flexible, innovative education and job training digital tools, which lead to associate, bachelors and masters degrees as well as basic skills readiness for college including certificates and career technical education job assistance.

  • NCRC is an organization which supports inmate educational equal access rights and presents a course of digital instruction via DVD targeted exclusively for under-educated incarcerated inmates who currently own or have access to Flat Screen Computer TV’s [FSCTs] which can take advantage of low or no cost digital study programs supporting blended learning platforms including enhanced academic education classes and career technical education digital training programs that help inmates in planning their careers thus achieving occupational adjustment by distributing public education at a nominal charge consistent with IRS revenue ruling (1968) 1968-1 CB 249.

  • NCRC is a public interest law firm whose activities consist of advancing inmate’s rights including conducting advisory council meetings, public discussion groups, forums, digital education access campaigns, panels and other similar multi-media activities aimed at expanding no cost inmate access to free digital education courses, which are currently offered, for free, by professional teaching institutions such as Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley and Kahn Academy.  All of these high quality educational institutions offer no cost Academic Educational and Career Technical Training Courses, which are not made readily available (24 hours a day) to inmates who are motivated to change their lives through education from one of crime to one which betters and supports society.

  • NCRC is a public interest law firm organization supporting inmate rights which is focused on supporting manufacturing and distribution of low cost digital educational tools, (software & hardware), to all inmates.  We also aid in advancing inmate access to digital learning media (DVDs) and newer more advanced hardware that meets or exceeds current standard of the Flat Screen Computer TV CD players which are currently allowed to be purchased and possessed by all inmates at CDCR’s 34 Incarceration Institutions, (some inmates are unlawfully denied electricity to educate themselves).  NCRC also acts as a clearing house and course coordinator by bringing together instructors and interested incarcerated students in the correctional community through information of availability of academic and career training courses consistent with IRS revenue ruling 71-413 (1971) 1971-2 CB 228

  • NCRC’s non-profit Educational Mission is concentrated upon advancing low cost digital learning activities which substantially lower violent crime by reducing Recidivism as supported by Facts compiled and extensive research data by State Legislative Analyst’s Office. LAO report as well as the DOJ Rand Study which both concluded that increased inmate education lowers repetitive crime

DID YOU KNOW that California Inmates have had personal and full possession rights to own and use Flat Screen Computer Televisions (FSCTs) for over 3 years? These FSCTs can play racist, sexist and violent music CD’s but not Academic or Career Technical Training Educational DVDs. Academic and Career Technical Training educational classes are available on DVD for free by many Universities and digital educators, Coursera, EdX, and Kahn Academy. Why should I help?