Help us reduce violent crime by advancing access to the most effective evidence-based correctional teaching system including a diverse, large scale, low cost, high technology digital training strategy. NCRC’s educational expansion effort will benefit society by providing the most effective digital training system.  Easy to use systematic training tools to assure maximum prisoner utilization and inmate retention of high demand job skills. Achieving consistent post-release inmate employability saves lives, makes neighborhoods safer and lowers society’s cost to insure maximum public safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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California’s REPETITIVE CRIME METER (Recidivism)

In 2009 to 2010 124,000 inmates released/paroled –  91,000 repeat offenders re-incarcerated. $45,000,000
In 2011 to 2012 121,000 inmates released/paroled – 84,700 repeat offenders re-incarcerated $42,350,000
In 2012 to 2013 119,500 inmates released/paroled – 77,675 repeat offenders re-incarcerated $38,837,500
Recidivism meter statistics are derived from LAO Report and CDCR data are subject to variation.
  Annual Taxpayers Re-incarceration Cost, estimated to be $50,000 yearly per inmate
NCRC is committed to advancing its TechQuest Project to dramatically increase 24 hour inmate access (at prisoner’s expense) to academic and technical education digital training platforms. NCRC's ongoing duty is to reduce crime by developing the most technologically advanced evidence based digital learning platform in the US.  Removing administrative and legal roadblocks to low cost inmate digital education tools is NCRC's evolving responsibility.

NCRC is a non-profit public interest law firm whose goal is to lower crime by ensuring that all inmates have unlimited access to the lowest cost and most effective academic and career technical training tools in the world. Education of inmates to increase post release employment and lower lawlessness is an essential part of any correctional program. Reducing crime through pre and post release education and career technical training is a crucial component which needs continuing support from the legal community, industry insiders and entrepreneur individuals.

Extensive research and independent studies have proven that quality inmate education and career technical training reduce crime and re-incarceration rates, saving millions of tax-payer dollars. [See: Legislative Analyst Office report and national study by the Rand Corp. evaluating the effectiveness of correctional education.] NCRC seeks additional reports, studies and situational facts to advance its per capita crime reduction goals

NCRC's crime reduction goals warrant a synergistic commitment to obtain measurable recidivism rates. We invite you to support and advance our TechQuest project, your donation of personal goodwill, campaign management consultation advice, special assistance and/or dollars will assist us with public awareness and action which will change the fate of thousands of California inmates, which if not allowed enhanced access to the tools to change their lives will continue with a life of repetitive crime and re-incarceration at tax payers’ expense (California incarceration costs are currently at $50,000 per year,per inmate, State of New York costs exceeds $60,000 per year, per inmate.)


Currently CDCR allows all Inmates (with some custody restrictions) to purchase and possess Flat Screen Computer TV’s “FSCT’s”, for the purpose of watching Television and listening to Music CD’s. Some Prisons have instructional cable channels (which carry limited educational video’s including Kahn Academy Instructional Products) or inmates may play and listen to digital Audio recordings (Music CD’s) on the same FSCT devices. These same FSCT’s are enabled to play Music CD’s (including Racist, Sexist and Violent music CD titles). Why should I help . Surprisingly the FSCT devices are disabled so they cannot play Educational DVD’s which would support Blended Learning Digital Educational methods and increase employability of many released inmates. Prisoners have a moral and civil right to have reasonable access to effective educational tools.

Additionally, these same CDCR approved FSCT devices (already approved for purchase and possession by inmates and their families) are disabled so that a mouse or keyboard will not function. Inmates are not allowed to freely learn how-to-type, how to use a mouse, how to operate a word processor, spreadsheet or other basic digital tools (all are required to achieve reasonable employment viability based on today’s job standards.). Correctional Guards will advance an unsupported and nonsensical safety and security argument that allowing increased functionality (to assist and increase learning and thus employability) somehow is an increased security risk to the prison. This Advisory Council cannot identify a set of correctional facts which would find that allowing increased (budget Neutral) educational tools to inmates would somehow be more dangerous than allowing full inmate access to Racist, Sexist and Violent Music CD’s , (now the current policy).

Currently, State law makers are implementing inmate education and rehabilitation guidelines. CDCR should increase access for academic and career technical education and make courses available to inmates (at inmate's expense) 24 hours a day including the latest free digital learning tools from Kahn Academy, Stanford, Harvard and MIT. CDCR can safely enable FSCT’s allowing inmate 24 hour access and possession of free educational tools which will implement a no-cost blended learning environment thereby increasing academic and career technical education to many thousands of inmates. This Advisory Council believes that the single issue goal of enabling already CDCR approved FSCT devices so that inmates can have access to many free educational digital tools via DVD (with no internet access needed) will be a monumental success in achieving the goal of lowering repetitive violent crime throughout our Great State (at no cost and great saving to State Taxpayers). Request for Advocacy | Facebook Cause

DID YOU KNOW that California Inmates have had personal and full possession rights to own and use Flat Screen Computer Televisions (FSCTs) for over 3 years? These FSCTs can play racist, sexist and violent music CD’s but not Academic or Career Technical Training Educational DVDs. Academic and Career Technical Training educational classes are available on DVD for free by many Universities and digital educators, Coursera, EdX, and Kahn Academy. Why should I help?